COVID-19 – Business Continuity and Resiliency Strategy

As we all continue to grasp the reality and magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to share with you our plan to remain fully operational during these very challenging times.

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those that have been infected with the virus, for a speedy and full recovery.  And our hearts go out to those that have been financially impacted and those that will be in the days, weeks and months ahead.  Our first priority is to the safety and well-being of all of our employees, customers, business associates and the community as a whole.  In the past few days we have taken drastic measures to ensure this, with changes to our day to day business operations.  A majority of our employees are now in a Work from Home program and are set up and operational.  We will continue to make necessary changes as the situation warrants.

As this remains a very fluid situation, we are monitoring the changes as they occur and reacting and preparing accordingly.  With the Shelter in Place order now in effect for 8 Bay Area counties, including Sonoma County, through April 7th, we have altered our business operations but want to assure all of you that we are still operational and open for business to handle any and all emergency needs that our most valued customers will surely have in the days and weeks ahead.  The retail store will remain open and we will continue our delivery schedule on an as needed basis.

Our design and contract departments are still operational and handling the needs of our projects on a day to day basis.  We will continue in this manner unless the situation dictates otherwise.

As we continue to conduct business day to day, our company is committed to practicing all of the necessary hygiene and social distancing guidelines as set forth by the Center for Disease Control, to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the community.

This may be the biggest challenge that any of us have faced in our careers and our personal lives, but I am confident that we will get through it and we will get through it together.  We will come out better and stronger on the other side.

Please know that we are here for you, with whatever it is you need. 

Stay strong.  Stay healthy.

Thank you.
Myers Restaurant Supply

Inside Secrets Revealed….

Scott, our Used & Clearance division manager, gives you a peek inside the Do’s & Don’t’s of buying used restaurant equipment. Scott shares the secrets to distinguishing between a lasting value….and junk. Did you know we offer 30-Day returns and warranties? This is a must see video!

Inside secrets revealed…

Scott, our Used & Clearance division manager, gives you a peek inside the Do's & Don't's of buying used restaurant equipment. Scott shares the secrets to distinguishing between a lasting value….and junk. Did you know we offer 30-Day returns and warranties? This is a must see video!

Posted by Myers Foodservice Equipment, Supply & Design on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

DON. Everything but the Food.

Edward Don & Company Announces the Acquisition of Myers Restaurant Supply
WOODRIDGE, IL – May 1, 2019

Edward Don & Company, a nationwide distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies, announced today the acquisition of Myers Restaurant Supply, located in Santa Rosa, California. Since 1951, Myers has been a leading provider of foodservice equipment and design-build services to a diverse group of clients in California and across the United States. Myers will operate as a division of Edward Don & Company and remain under the leadership of Charlie Fusari and Rob Myers, who will serve as CEO and President, respectively.

“We look forward to bringing the Myers team on board,” said Steve Don, CEO of Edward Don & Company. “Their design-build and contract expertise complements our existing equipment and supplies business well, both in the California market and nationwide.”

Charlie Fusari stated, “I have known Edward Don & Company for my entire foodservice career, and I could not be more excited about the opportunity this presents for our company, our employees and our customers. There could not be a better fit, culturally or synergistically, in our go-forward effort to strengthen and grow our position in the marketplace. Steve Don has been a friend for many years and I now look forward to joining his team and the Edward Don Family.”

“Our two companies complement each other perfectly. Our customers will still receive the same great level of service they have come to expect from Myers, while adding the capabilities of DON’s national footprint,” added Rob Myers.

This deal represents Edward Don & Company’s third acquisition since its investment from Vestar Capital Partners in March of 2017.

About Edward Don & Company
Owned and operated by the Don family since 1921, Edward Don & Company is the world’s leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies. Headquartered in Woodridge, IL, the company is the chosen supplier to all types of foodservice businesses including independent restaurants, national chains, health care, hospitality, country clubs, schools and universities, government institutions and foodservice management. DON, with approximately 1,250 employees, operates a nationwide distribution network supported by seven full-service distribution centers – in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle – and operates its own transportation fleet. DON serves national and multi-unit account programs with flexible, customized solutions that meet the needs of both the corporate office and the individual units. DON’s Foodservice Equipment Division offers full service kitchen design, equipment purchasing and installation. For more information, please visit

Media Contact for Edward Don & Company:
Corporate Marketing Manager Amy Garrard 708.883.8820

DON. Everything but the Food. ®
9801 Adam Don Parkway, Woodridge, IL 60517 | | 800.777.4DON

FES Magazine Names Myers CEO Charlie Fusari “Top Achiever”

Published: April 1, 2019
Written by Caroline Perkins

Charlie Fusari is a Salesman, Born and Bred

“CEOs come from a wide range of areas,” says Charlie Fusari, CEO of Myers Restaurant Supply, Santa Rosa, Calif. “Some have a financial, administrative or human resources background. I am sales born and bred. That’s my biggest strength and I tell everyone that.”

Fusari learned the hard knocks of street sales in the Bowery neighborhood in New York City. He says it was the best training ground a foodservice salesperson could possibly get: competitive and tough.

When he was 18, he took a job assembling meat chopper attachments for a New Jersey company. He soon asked the vice president if he could transition to sales. The VP gave him keys to a van, samples and a catalog, along with 10 names of buyers, all in the tough Bowery section. For the next five years, he had a trial by fire with some of the toughest buyers in the industry.

He learned to be persistent — keep going back even when you’ve been thrown out by buyers — and thick skinned enough to accept rejection. He eventually become close friends with some of his customers. He also learned one of the two most valuable sales lessons: Listen to the customer.

In 1983, Fusari was hired away by a beverage equipment manufacturer trying to expand from its Chicago home base into New York City. Ira Stabiner, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, became one of several mentors to guide Fusari’s career. Stabiner taught him the other valuable sales lesson: Move the conversation away from price and focus on quality and service.

Moving to the Dealer Side
After two years, Fusari became a national sales manager for a cookware manufacturer soon moving up to vice president of sales. He traveled all over the U.S., learning the business from a national perspective.

Next, he became a manufacturer’s rep by starting his own firm, a move he sees as a natural career progression. This aligned with a physical move to California from New York to be near his future wife, Jill Rothkopf, whom he had met at a buying group conference. She worked at the family business, Economy Restaurant Fixtures.

In 2000, Fusari joined Economy as part of the executive management team after his father-in-law, Chuck Rothkopf, retired. By this time, Fusari was well prepared to enter the dealer side of the business since he already had a good understanding of the manufacturing and rep sides of the industry. At Economy, he learned the importance of the financial side of the business.

Fast forward to 2011 when Fusari took what he says is one of the biggest risks in his career and purchased a 50 percent interest and partnered with Rob Myers in Myers Restaurant Supply, which was then a 60-year-old dealership. This called for the culmination of all his years of experience learning and honing the skills that he would need as CEO.

Looking back, Fusari credits his successes in his more than 40 years in the foodservice industry to lessons learned at each stage of his career. Each stage had a new challenge that, when conquered, prepared him for the next one.

Competitive Fires
The most important lesson over the years for Fusari? Making good, solid decisions and seizing opportunities. “It’s all about decision-making” he says. “It’s whether or not you’re ready to jump off the cliff. Some people are not. You have an opportunity and, if you don’t make that decision and take it, that opportunity is then gone.”

The decision to buy into Myers was probably the most difficult decision in his career, Fusari notes. “Decision-making is honestly the most important thing you can do in your life, whether it’s your personal life or your business career. And I made the right one. I almost didn’t do it. I still think about where I’d be if I didn’t do it.”

Fusari credits his parents with shaping who he is today. His father, Charlie Fusari Sr., was a professional prize fighter, going up against boxers like Rocky Graziano and Sugar Ray Robinson. From his father, Fusari learned respect. From his mother, who was a salesperson, he learned a passion for selling.

Not surprisingly, respect and passion are two of the four corporate values that guide Myers, along with care and teamwork. Fusari says it was important to his parents to raise good children, teaching them to how to talk to people and show respect. “That was part of my upbringing and I think with respect comes the quality of making a good decision versus one that is not well thought out. My dad gave that to me and it’s what I pass on to my kids: how to go through the decision-making process.”

Fusari describes his management style as one of balance. “I’m not a micromanager in any sense. If you hire qualified professional people, they shouldn’t have to be micromanaged. If they do, they are probably not right for the team.”

Fear of failure motivates Fusari when he gets up every day. This guides him to excel. “I’m a competitive person. I left a great job to take on this role of co-owner and CEO. I basically jumped off a cliff. The country was still in recession. I took a big risk.”

Fusari says that, as an entrepreneur, at some point you have to take that leap to move ahead. He did it twice, once leaving New York to become a rep and then purchasing Myers. “You have no guarantees. You just want to succeed from the beginning,” he counsels. “You can call it fear of failure or the competitive fire.”

Myers has gone through two or three significant periods of change over the last seven years, Fusari says. “In order for companies to grow, they must evolve, so change is a constant. If we are not changing with the times and the economy and preparing for sustainable growth, we’re putting ourselves in danger.”

Each element of change must be well thought through and well planned. Fusari says at Myers, the company has to be prepared to change according to where it sees the industry and the economy going in 18 months. “I like to stay ahead and make decisions that keep us ahead of the curve as opposed to reacting when it might be too late,” he explains. To foster growth, the company has opened several new offices over the past eight years.

Looking back on his 40 years in the foodservice industry, Fusari says, “I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s a great industry made up of great people and great relationships. Some of my closest relationships and friends have come from the industry — including my wife of 22 years! I am truly blessed.”,-ceo,-myers-restaurant-supply



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For every TRUE equipment unit purchased during the 3 Day Sale, buyers will be awarded a VIP Rewards Card worth $100 in promotional funds to be applied to future purchases on a subsequent visit to the store. TRUE equipment only.

Equipment Promo: Buyers can earn VIP Rewards Cards by purchasing other brands of restaurant equipment during the 3 Day Sale as well. Details: Spend $2,500 and earn a $200 Rewards Card, Spend $5,000 and earn $400 in Rewards Cards, Spend $7,500 and earn $600 in Rewards Cards, spend $10,000 and earn $800 in Rewards Cards. TRUE equipment excluded from this offer.

VIP Rewards Cards are in the form of promotional funds to be applied to future purchases on a subsequent visit to the store. Cards will be valid from 4/15/2019 through 12/31/2019. Qualifying purchases to earn Rewards Cards include new restaurant equipment only, electric or gas. Qualifying Purchases Exclude: Furniture, Tables, Shelving, Smallwares, Used, and Refurbished.

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Myers Promotes Key Personnel & Executives

Myers Foodservice Equipment, Supply & Design is proud to announce the promotion of key personnel to elevated positions in response to continued exponential growth in the company.

Geoff Ellis, who came to the company in 2018 has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer overseeing the financial strategies of the company. He comes to Myers after a lengthy career managing his family’s business in Northern California.

Longtime foodservice executive Randy Bishop, who came to Myers in 2015 has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer and relocated to the Santa Rosa headquarters after leading the San Francisco team to record growth. Randy previously held executive positions within the foodservice industry before coming to Myers. He also had a career in Federal law enforcement before coming to the foodservice equipment industry.

In response to the record growth of the Myers San Francisco design team, the VP of Business Development + Design Michael Scheiman will add management oversight of the design team to his responsibilities.

11-year veteran Alfredo Ocampo, who has been a consistent leader in the Retail Sales team has been promoted to Retail Sales Manager. He will manage the showroom sales team and assist with product merchandising.

Daniel Lowenthal came to Myers in 2015 to join the Used department team. During his tenure he was promoted to the Returns Management position, and has now been elevated to the Purchasing department as a Procurement Strategist.

Mark Schaefer, is a five-year veteran of Myers in the Purchasing department and has been promoted to the position of Procurement Strategist.

Shane Sanders joined the Myers team in 2017 in Order Fulfillment, and has now been promoted to Returns Specialist.

The Myers management team would like to congratulate each of these individuals, and extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for all their hard work & dedication.

Myers CEO Charlie Fusari Honored

Myers Foodservice Equipment, Supply & Design CEO Charlie Fusari was recently selected as the “Top Achiever” in the dealer category by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine.  He will be presented at the FES Awards Gala in Chicago, May 2019.

Joseph Carbonara, FE&S editorial director said of the award winners, “Their conscientious and forward-thinking approach continues to define each of these foodservice professionals and makes them role models for future generations.”

Being selected as “Top Achiever” among thousands of dealers across the nation is a tribute to a strong commitment to customer service that has been a hallmark of the Myers name for decades.

“I am stunned with such a prestigious honor coming from such a respected publication. This will be cherished for years to come. We could not do it without our entire team”, commented Mr. Fusari. While maintaining a legacy of service, Charlie also strives to bring innovations and openness to efficiencies gleaned from other industries and applied to foodservice equipment. Myers Foodservice Equipment, Supply & Design continues to be one of the fastest growing companies over the past decade with offices in Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Austin, and Los Angeles.


FE&S Magazine |


Vollrath Experience 2018

Myers Foodservice Equipment Supply is proud to be the exclusive North Bay host to the “Vollrath Experience”… a 70ft mobile showroom showcasing the newest technology in sous vide, Stoelting ice cream machines, inductions ranges, and Redco production equipment. The Vollrath Experience team will be at Myers Nov. 3rd from 11am-2pm at our headquarters at 1599 Cleveland Ave in Santa Rosa.

Vollrath Industries is recognized as a global leader in foodservice equipment manufacture and an innovator in foodservice technology.

The “Vollrath Experience” will enable you to have “hands on” experience with equipment that may increase effectiveness, efficiency, and with the newer cooking/prep technologies; open up new menu options.

For more information or to secure a VIP pass to the event, call Rick Vann at 707-755-3043